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Flying Zone

1. Gn. Banyak – Kota Batu
7°51’45″S   112°30’15″E (1350m) is considered as the best mountain-base paragliding site in Indonesia. The elevation from launching to landing is about 400m with only less than 2km away, flyable almost 365 days a year, ridge soaring and thermals, good access to the site, and beautiful landscape of Kota Batu and Mt. Panderman. Perfect for schooling and tandem paragliding.

2. Parangtritis – Jogjakarta
8°1’44″S   110°20’44″E (350m) is a beautiful coastal paragliding site in Java Island. Ridge soaring, coconut trees and landing on sandy beach, Parangtritis offers a tropical sense of Indonesia. Available only in West winds (December to March)

3. Timbiss – Nusa Dua
8°49’56″S   115°13’1″E (200m) is another beautiful coastal paragliding site. Located in Bali Island, Timbiss offers very long ridge soaring and bird eye view of luxurious hotels, villas and temples. The sensation of flying in large group of paragliding is also can be found in Timbiss. Available From March to December.

4. Puncak – Bogor
14°14’21″S   104°54’23″E (1250m) is a mountain-base paragliding and a hang gliding site in West Java. Located in the middle of tea plantation and hilly landscape, Puncak also offers a good deal of flying experience. Available from March to December.

5. Kemuning – Solo
It’s pretty much like Puncak. Tea Plantations landscape with Mt. Lawu as a background, Kemuning is only lack of proper access to the site. Available from March to December.

6. Wonogiri – Mid Java
It’s a mountain base paragliding site near Gajah Mungkur dam. Rocky terrains provide strong thermals and possibility to have a long distance Cross Country flight. Stronger wind can almost always be expected here, so it’s only suitable for experienced pilots and competitions only. Available from March to December.